Video Pricing

  • Rate Sheet for film/video production

    RATE SHEET     
    PITHYPICS productions

    James Jones

    Two hour video shoot              $200, $125 per hour after first two hours

    Includes professional single camera: Canon 5d Mark III, Sony A7s shooting in 1080p full HD DSLR camera, 
sound equipment, basic lighting and accessories.
    Price goes up $30-60 an hour if additional crew/assistant is desired/required for some audio set 
ups or lighting needs.)
    Editing $70 an hour
    Includes processing/transcoding from camera to computer, editing up to 5 hours of footage 
down to 3 minutes or desired length, color correcting footage, working with/directing musician, 
creating basic graphics for titles and intro/outro, three meetings/drafts/re-edits per video.
    Time is dependent on hours of footage captured and length of final product, quantity of 
graphics/music, more complex graphics, etc. Time estimate can be given with description of desired product. 

    Original Music tailored to fit video $300
    Includes 3 drafts and will be based on my direction/your suggestions, copyright-free music,
    Script Development for Video Short (less than 10 minutes) $60 an hour

    There are 3 draft rounds of revisions for each final product so you can be sure about your final product.

    Other considerations:
All work is performed by James Jones unless a larger crew is desired. I come equipped with one camera, various types of mics, basic lights, backdrop, shooting accessories, but if your shoot requires more than the basics, additional equipment may need to be rented.
Taxi/Car service charges will be added in depending on equipment needed to transport for tailored shoot if warranted.
If your video requires high graphic content, a graphic designer can be hired to create specific images (charts, graphs, etc.)